Our History

" At A.C. Burapa,
Customer service is not a department,
It's everyone's job. "

Pongsakorn Eowpittayakul

General Manager of A.C. Burapa Co., Ltd.

Before, we have specialized textile chemical for ten years. Since we always want to fulfill customer’s demands in other materials related to textile chemical, we decided to expand into different channels of service. AC Burapa, then, started to supply industrial color, glue and rubber. We have connections with Chinese Enterprises and various suppliers to meet customer’s requests.

What makes AC Burapa different is we have diversity in our merchandises with convenient and flexible services. Salespersons and technicians here will do their best to provide good quality chemicals. We can also customize the formula and material to suit your needs. Many businesses including cloth dyeing, weaving, printing factories and industrial color factories trust AC Burapa for our service.

We are ready to enter AEC with great options of merchandises and best service.

A.C. Burapa Co., Ltd.